General out-line of the AMFI-research on the Fashion Logistics in the Netherlands

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Introduction Good Transport

In 2004 the organization “Nederland Distributieland” (NDL) held a congress about fashion logistics in the Netherlands. In the fashion retail, fashion logistics is the final part of the distribution and crucial for the “fulfillment” of the promise to the consumer: fashionable garments (style and color) of abundant choice that will be in the shop just in time. Dozens of fashion professional participants acknowledged the need of solutions to the problem of the fine distribution paths of fashion goods. (e.g. traffic-jams, inner city problems and smaller order quantities and drop size). Earlier studies on inner town distribution described several problem areas and possible solution directions. All studies mentioned that cooperation between Fashion retailers, service providers and local governments is essential to reach suggested solutions. Clearly, all parties (stakeholders) are facing similar problems, so there is a common interest. Results from an earlier research into combining flows of goods were:

  • 30-50 % fewer transport movements
  • 28% fewer transport kilometers =1.3 million kilometers per year
  • Cost reductions of up to 16%
  • 34,600 ton reduction in CO ² emissions p.a.
  • 140 ton reduction in NOx emissions p.a.
  • 864 kg reduction in sulphur compound emissions p.a.
  • Substantial reduction in fine dust particles

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